Without question, our greatest need is prayer. This ministry is founded on God’s Word, which tells us to “be anxious for nothing, but in all things, through prayer and supplication, to make [our] requests known to God….” We do, and God supplies our every need according to His riches and grace. So, first and foremost, please join us in lifting this ministry, daily, to our Lord. Won’t you first commit to being a prayer warrior for U-Turn For Christ?
In addition, we are well aware of the desire of many of you to partner with us in our efforts to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to men and women seeking freedom from their bondage to the sin of addiction. Therefore, we have set up an account through PayPal where you can enter the required information and make a safe, secure, tax deductible, monetary donation to this ministry. Just use the donation tool at the right to make your donation.
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Some may desire to donate goods or services. We appreciate all considerations to make such donations, which are also tax deductible. Please contact us directly, according to location, to arrange for such donations. (Except for donations to foreign missions such as Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, and Africa. To donate goods and/or services to these ministries, please contact our Corporate office.)