Follow Along on the Journey:


Visiting and Holiday Schedule:

Enrollees are permitted visits the Sunday following their 12-Day probation period completion provided they are not on any discipline that will prevent visiting privileges. Regular visiting hours are from 1:00pm upon returning from church to 4:30pm.
All are invited to attend any and all church services with the ministry. Only immediate family will be allowed to sit with the enrollee. Attending church services is permitted immediately upon enrollment and is not subject to the 12-Day waiting period for visits.
Enrollees may receive visits from immediate family ONLY. Immediate family consists of grandparents, parents, siblings, spouses, children, and grandchildren. Any other visitor must have special approval from the Pastor. Parents must accompany children at all times.
All materials that visitors bring to the Ranch property are subject to search and approval or confiscation. Absolutely no alcohol, tobacco products, or any drugs or drug paraphernalia allowed. Violation of the rules for visitations by any individual may revoke their visiting privileges.
All visitors are subject to the same rules and regulations of the ministry. Cell phone usage is not permitted on the property during visiting hours. No pets allowed for visiting. All visits must take place in designated visiting area in plain view of Ranch staff. Counseling appointments are available upon request with Pastor Kevin.
The following holidays are subject to special visits if and when they fall on days other than Sundays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Church Information:

Families are invited to attend all church services. Service information:

Calvary Chapel of Grants Pass

269 W. Harbeck Road, Grants Pass, OR 97527

Sunday – 11:00am Worship Service

Wednesday –  7:00pm

 Mail and Care Packages:
Families may send mail and care packages to enrollees at any time during Phase 1 of the program. They must be addressed as follows:
Enrollee Name

℅ U-Turn For Christ Oregon

320 Lind Road

Grants Pass, OR 97527
All materials that are mailed to the Ranch are subject to search and approval or confiscation. Absolutely no alcohol, tobacco products, drugs or drug paraphernalia, coffee, electronics, secular media or reading material is allowed to be mailed to enrollees. U-Turn For Christ Oregon is not financially liable for anything that is mailed to the Ranch.