John Gelb

John GelbI’ve been at U-turn for 6 months, and have to say that it’s been the most important 6 months of my life. I’ve found that through fellowship at U-Turn for Christ Oregon I can have hope for what I’ve missed my whole life, and that to live is to live God’s will doing what He has for me to do. I’ve always done fairly well for myself but I have had lows with booze and drugs. I have always been able get on my feet again but something is not there; something is not right.

I now know that what has been missing from my life is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the men at U-Turn in Gold Hill, Oregon, I have been able to find hope for life, and a purpose. Well, it all goes to show that it’s not to late at 58!

I need to thank all the guys at UTFC Oregon.  I’m staying on to see what the Lord has for me. I find it is just a blessing to serve the Lord. I’ve been blessed with a new life in Jesus our Lord, Amen.