Kingdom Building Systems

Building For The Harvest

Kingdom Building Systems has the vision for building ministry, a heritage of faithfulness, and a master plan in action. We have strategic alliances with major corporations positioning our company, partners and clients for significant growth and blessing. We look forward to sharing how we can make a significant difference in the way Ministries undertake the development, financing and ownership of Church and School facilities.
Importantly, we acknowledge that building a building at a certain place will not achieve God’s worship objectives among people who are Christians. In the Old Testament, God repeatedly told the Israelites that worshipped in the tabernacle to offer sacrificial worship to God only in the place God caused His name to dwell–worship was then unquestionably “place” centered. But in the New Testament, worship emphasis is neither “place” nor “building” centered. Paul tells us that as Christians, we are God’s Temple….“Do not all of you know that all of you, as a congregation, are God’s temple with God’s Spirit living in you? If any Christian destroys God’s temple [a warning against destructive division], God will destroy that person. God is holy, and God’s temple is holy.”
We have the privilege to minister that promise, bear His Light, and build facilities to house God’s people…His Temples.
We thank God for the opportunity to build buildings relieving Ministries of that burden… so that they can maintain momentum in making more faithful followers of Jesus Christ.. We pray that we can do it all to God’s glory through Christ our Lord and bring a brighter tomorrow to God’s people…today.
—Timothy E. Boyle,
President of Kingdom Building Systems
Kingdom Building Systems is a subsidiary of U-Turn for Christ.